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When did you get acquainted with crypto-currencies? And why did you decide to start mining directly?

When did you get acquainted with crypto-currencies? And why did you decide to start mining directly?
I keep track of crypto-currencies long ago, around 2013. I bought my first bitcoin somewhere for $ 40 on the BTC-e, which had already closed and rebounded again. I did not buy because I invested, but for a specific purpose - I advertised one of my projects (mobile game for iOS / Android) on a rather popular Twitter account. Even then it was possible to pay for the advertising post by the bitcoins. After that, for several years, I just watched the development of crypto-currencies and did not hurry to invest money, just "asked the price". I grabbed my head when the price skyrocketed, and then sighed with relief when I fell back. At the same time, I was not particularly interested in the mining itself, since I did not fully understand its economic feasibility for myself personally.

In 2014, I had a choice: to invest in crypto-currencies or in offline business. I chose the second option, but he did not "shoot" - I lost most of the capital. Later still managed to get out of this situation thanks to a sports project, which earned commissions from players involved from bookmaker sites. So I earned money for a new business, which was mining. By mid-2017, I firmly decided that I would try to build a business on this branch.

Now my main activity is focused on the production of crypto-currency. This is the case in which I have invested in full - by means, time, forces.

It turns out that you are already six months as a miner. What crypto currency decided to mine, on what equipment?
First I looked closely at ASIC-miners, but I was alarmed by the nuances associated with their purchase directly from the manufacturer and the subsequent delivery to Ukraine. There was an option to buy in Ukraine, but then I would have overpaid significantly. And since I wanted to start as quickly as possible, I stopped at the farms that are assembled from video cards. Initial investment: $ 10 000. I bought two farms from 10 NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti video cards from these two manufacturers: MSI and Gigabyte (just the vendor did not have a dozen at once). Since these cards are more suitable for mining on the algorithm of Equihash, then I began to earn on them the currency I chose 1080 Ti, because at that time they were one of the most powerful and expensive in the market, and I'm betting on a long-term perspective. Unfortunately, no one can guarantee that in a year or two, mining will be as profitable as it is now, especially on this particular equipment. Therefore, in which case, I can easily sell video cards at a good price in the future - they will still be quite productive and will not lose much in price. Especially considering the fact that these computer components and sell them much easier than the same "asiki."

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