The signs of honest cloud services are crying:

Operator's site. Must be sympathetic, complete and understandable. All information should be open for familiarization. There must be technical support contacts that should be more than just email addresses. The site is highly desired to have photos and videos with the provider's equipment. Project managers must be presented with photos and links to their profiles on social networks. Moreover, they should answer there for all appeals from users. Duration of the project. The longer the operator operates on cryptographic machines, the greater the trust in it. In the hayp projects, which plan to raise money from users and to hide, the life span is minimal. But do not trust the only thing you write, search the web. In normal projects, there is an "internet" -history: reviews on different independent sites (even though there will be negative reviews), discussions at forums, dedicated to earnings. Do not forget - reviews should be from different dates. Possibility to invest in the property of various cripples. There are clouds solo-maingings, working with one crypto-currency, here they definitely should not be trusted. A good operator will always try to offer the clients as much as possible opportunities for landing (do not forget that their earnings - the lease of capacity, the more bets, the more earned), constantly introducing new ones. Ability to choose a work pool after purchase. The availability of this option ensures that you invest in real computing power. Alternatively, the company may not provide individual customers with the opportunity to change the pool for a property, but publicly announce the address of their purse used for the production of cryptographic goods - so that everyone can estimate the amount of coin production by the statistics of found blocks in blockade. Availability of a contract or an official confirmation from the equipment manufacturers. There is a permanent shortage of ASIC miners in the market, and the creation of a large cloud service is impossible without a direct contract with the manufacturers. There are no reasons why the manufacturer of asics does not confirm the existence of a contract with a large customer - this is a good reason to release a press release and get free advertising of their equipment. Availability of photos and videos of your own data center. There is no reason why service owners should not post such photos: it is simple, cheap and affordable at any time. Similar materials will help you choose a reliable cloud-based property and discard any doubts. Of course, if there is something to be photographed. The presence of a highly profitable affiliate program for attracting users is another sign to be extremely cautious. Real business does not have the ability and the means to pay a fee of 30% of the attracted user investments. If you see the proposal to attract other users for a very high percentage of the deposit on the company's website, this is an obvious indicator of the classic financial pyramid.