Mining how to earn money by investing in cybercurrencies 
All 2017 turned out to be an extremely busy event in the field of cryptology. Among them, many positive: bitcoin price has grown rapidly several times during this period, and at the time of the writing of the material, crossed the mark of 11,000, also despite the efforts of the authorities and global financial corporations bitcoin is not forbidden, and the Ukrainian regulator finally determined with his the relation to cryptography. These, as well as many other news, have positively influenced investor confidence in cybercurrencies, and even more "heated" excitement around everything about earning a crypt. An unprecedented number of diversified investment funds, all sorts of services began to appear, truthfully and untruthfully, luring trusted investors, offering overnight earnings in bitcoins without excessive effort. It is clear that the overwhelming majority are scams and pyramids, but a separate line should highlight the services they offer, the so-called cloud or cloud mining. We decided to deal with ourselves in this one of the latest "trendy" trends, and what happened from this, read in the material.  
Information is from the page: Home Business: 1000 1 idea for your own business in Ukraine. And the best thing anyone can start to own It would seem that this is a great scheme for earning money on the Internet, because of its high profitability, except for one "but." Mining crying out, because of their popularity, is a rather costly business. In this regard, cloud-based services began to emerge. To simplify as much as possible, the essence of this method of obtaining cybercurrency is extremely simple, but it is that companies that have sufficient resources to create large property centers enable users to lease landing power, as well as the necessary equipment or software for a specified period Earn similar companies by charging user fees for providing their own resources and renting equipment. It is more profitable for users to pay a certain percentage of their income than to complete the server room in the house and suffer from the constant rumble of fans, as well as other inconveniences. In the English-language Internet sector, this procedure is called "cloud mining", which is literally translated as "cloud mining". In the Ukrainian-speaking segment, you can also find such names as "distant landing," "Claude landing," "mining in the cloud," but the essence remains the same. Ideally, with the help of cloud-hosting services, you can do your business and only occasionally look at your account. Usually before this you need to send the owner of the farm a pre-determined amount of money. Typically, the entrance threshold in cloud mining is much lower than usual, literally 1. It is not necessary to have knowledge of setting up a PC, building farms, calculating the energy balance, paying for electricity, in other words, cloud mining is a landing without a hassle. Buy a contract (the so-called contract with the company, the lease of a certain amount of power for a certain period) and receive income for the withdrawal of the purse.