Mining (generating bitcoin) is it really possible to earn now?
I want to tell about beginners' property, where everyone can try to own, that is, to receive passive income, even on a laptop. And making sure the weak capacities decide whether to invest in this business money.

It's about MinerGate - the main program that brings me a steady, completely passive income. This is a landing, its essence is to use the power available to you processors and graphics cards. It's simple: you connect to the pool (many mines), and the pool through a special program connects your power to the total. This increases the pool pool's hash, its reward, and, accordingly, you get your money in the crypt, in proportion to the amount of your power that you have connected to the pool. You can connect almost everything: tablets, laptops, computers and even smartphones. I did not find just Windows Phone support. Obviously, it does not install on obsolete operating systems like Windows XP, with mobile only supports Android and iOS. Of course, I hope that the more powerful a gadget, the more profit. Therefore, there is no special sense to put on smartphones. MinerGate allows you to finish the cryptography not only with your device's processor, but also with its graphic adapter, a graphics card. But one "but" - integrated graphics cards are not suitable for this, only discrete. Integrated MinerGate simply will not see.

In this article, I'll tell you how to get your iron to bring you, finally, real money! For example, what is your computer? Four cores, for example. At the same time in the work with surfing, they loaded a maximum of a quarter, and even less. How long does the computer just cost you? Why not force it to bring you a small but permanent income without any effort on your part? Incorporated two cores at four constant (or six out of eight, as I have) and let it work slowly.

In my opinion, this is really the coolest of today's existing programs for making money on the Internet for a beginner. And for those who do not want to bite with the bat-files, pool settings and other complex issues that usually arise when a novice wants to go on a landing. In MinerGate everything is simple and understandable. All questions can be asked in the topic, I will show everything, I will explain who does not understand what I have forgotten.

So, start, go to MinerGate!

The first thing to do is to switch the language to understandable to you, in my case - Russian (no Ukrainian). Next, we will be logged in.

Enter your email address, think of the password, repeat it, enter the captcha, click on the button. Then go to the link in the letter from MinerGate and everything. You are registered. Can you login to the site. Repeat the previously performed actions with mail and password and go into the incomprehensible at first glance, personal rooms (or user panels).

You will see a bunch of crypto currencies on the CryptoNote algorithm, MinerGate is created specifically for the possession of only these. The balance will be at your zeros. Because we need to install the maemer itself - a program that connects your computer (or other device) to a shared network. To do this, go to the download tab.

As you can see, nothing is required here, the program automatically determines your operating system independently and you just have to download it and install it on your computer. Antivirus usually takes it normally, but if you quarrel, disconnect it during installation. And better - add to the exclusion, so as not to try the same procedure when updating the wizard.

Downloaded, Installed. Launch Enter the email and password again. This will need to be done once.

We go further. Here begins the most interesting thing.

You will have zeros, as I said. To begin with, you need to determine which coins you want to earn. This is a complex issue and everyone chooses their crypto (or several like me). To choose what to own, you will help the table of tests in the program. This is a test of your gadget's performance. For each currency, the wizard determines the minimum and maximum speed that your device is capable of, you will only need to record the readings and choose the one whose rate of retention is higher than this test.

When you decide what currency you will own, we disable others. And we press the beginning of earnings. Everything, the process of work has gone, now your computer is working and brings you money