Mining cry for the beginners: how not to do
Before you can get a cryptographic currency, you need to get acquainted with the most common mistakes that most newcomers admit. Practice shows that people who have just started earning this kind of income make a number of incorrect decisions:

Video cards. If you want to receive a stable high income, the number of video cards should be 5-6 pieces. People who do not have much experience get older graphics cards to save on budget. In practice, it turns out that the owner not only will not be able to receive income, but also flies for good money because of the huge electricity bill.
Computer and operating system. For simultaneous work of several graphics cards it is necessary to collect own "farm". Never install 32-bit Windows, since the generation will run much slower.
Currency. Much depends on the parameters of the video card. It is strongly recommended that you read information about current crypto currencies in profile forums and web resources.
Basin and program selection. Again, much of it depends on the features of the equipment. Do not go for the most urgent cryptic currencies, as even professional "farmers" are difficult to get coins.
Internet. Never make a fare in which there is a big ping. To make the kriptovary generator a good income, the ping should be minimal. Looking at the property, what is it like, in simple words - this question most often sounds from novices. If you speak a complex language, this is a list of methods for solving the problems of finding a symbolic combination, which is satisfied by a number of conditions.

If to speak in plain language about what mining is, the essence is to provide the user with the PC of the computing power of his equipment to support the work of the cryptographic currency. Modern services that conduct cryptographic calculations do not have their own servers and other software. In this they are helped by criminals, who earn money from one successfully coin.

Accordingly, to answer the question of what the criminological goods mean, it is possible: with the help of the property, the owner of the PC supports the work of the system, obtaining a certain profit for it. And income in many respects depends on the computing power of the equipment used. An interested person can be extracted kriptovalyut - renting at any convenient time. But it is important to make sure that the work of the equipment has always been profitable, not a loss in the form of a large electricity bill. Therefore, before getting a cryptographic currency, it is necessary to properly evaluate all risks, to choose the appropriate equipment for power and to choose a service for the generation of coins (pool). The practice shows that the production of cryptoexchange at home is possible only if your own farm is built. This is a special block in which video cards are located and simultaneously operated. The higher the computational ability they can boast, the higher the monthly income will be. Some businessmen, leading currency manning, consistently earn a profit of $ 2-5 thousand, using dozens of modern video cards.