Is it profitable to earn money today?
Your potential earnings depend on how much money you are willing to invest in. More precisely, to spend on the purchase of equipment and maintenance of its work. It is also important not to be mistaken in choosing a crippling currency, correctly predicting the change in its course.

To calculate the profitability of the property there are special calculators, which are based on the following data: In addition to him, there are many others.

Despite calculations and forecasts, the Meiner's path is thorny. What are the dangers and risks of keeping him on the trail to a treasured $ million:

Reduction of the exchange rate to the level when the income from the finance is equal to the cost.

Failure of equipment. For renting a commonly used inexpensive video card - from 6 pieces to a farm. Failure at least one will result in substantial losses. Bitting codes are usually not used for business purposes, but asics (ASIC is an application-specific integrated circuit, "special purpose integrated circuit"). And so, Asika also regularly fail. Do not forget that the equipment for renting is compelled to work 24/7 at the maximum load.

Significant increase in electricity prices. It will already be the main item of your expenses.

Legislative prohibition of extraction and circulation of cryptographic goods in your country. Apparently, this is the most unpleasant thing and in our realities - quite probable - the risk.

What is the optimal amount of investment to enter the blockade? To earn an income equal to the average salary, experts from Mining Bitcoin are advised to start from $ 5,000-8,000. This is a means of purchasing equipment. However, due to the high degree of risk it is not necessary to invest in this business all their savings and money taken on a loan at high interest rates. All the same for the sum of risks minding - this is no less adventure than financial pyramids.

What cripples are the most promising today
Whatever the worst, bitcoin was and remains the most predictable digital currency. He has the world's largest network of users, and hence, to fear his fall, and even less complete exit from the market in the foreseeable future is not worth it. On the other hand, investing not so much (and "very much" today is calculated in billions), one should not count on significant earnings. As for the bitcoin's competitors, not everyone trusts them, considering their rapid growth is artificially inflated with a "bubble", which necessarily lasers.
Someone, on the contrary, prefers to invest in individual varieties of altoconins, such as Ethereum (ether), calling it a new generation of cryptography. Ethereum is based on a more sophisticated, and therefore, a stable platform that will not allow it to drop significantly in price. There are thousands of other currencies, but you need to get strangled to figure out which of them are at least some kind of attention, and which ones are not. For example, there are still promising Z-Cash coins that are based on the latest Equicash technology.