How to build a home farm for landing
Video cards are the main and most expensive element of the system. They will do the calculations for which you will receive a reward. These calculations can even take old graphics cards, but if you want to build a really productive and profitable system, then you should pay attention to the latest models. If you choose a specific model of the video card there are also points to pay attention to. First, it's the stated core frequency and memory (the more it is the better). Secondly, there is a potential for overclocking (this will allow a little more money, but will increase energy consumption and heat allocation). Thirdly, power connectors (for example, some models have an 8-pin connector; this should be taken into account when choosing a power supply). Fourth, the cooling system (the quieter is the better). On the whole, there are a lot of resources on the Internet that compare the models of video cards for landing, as well as a variety of calculators, where you can calculate the profitability of the system.

And the main question is where to buy. The fact is that now the demand for video cards that are suitable for landing is quite large. Therefore, in most online stores, you will likely see a similar picture. The main criterion for choosing a motherboard is the number of PCIe slots. For an effective system you need at least four. There are not many such models, so you can easily find them on Google's "Motherboard" for a search. For example, the motherboard ASRock H81 Pro BTC was developed specifically for finance. Power supply
This is an important component of the system, which is not worth saving. Calculate how much power your video card will use (power consumption data should be on the manufacturer's site, if not on the Internet), set another 100-150 Watts that will consume the rest of the system (processor, memory, etc.) and add 10 -15% on stock - here's the power to buy a power supply.

Also, pay attention to the fact that for constant work under high load it is better to take not the cheapest models, but at least with the certificate of 80 PLUS Bronze. At least they are more expensive, but they have higher efficiency and (usually) better components that work better under load and issue declared power. There are no special requirements for these components. There will be enough SSDs of 60 GB and one RAM slot for 2-4 GB. The "Brain" of the system should be selected based on which models are supported by the motherboard. In any case, the powerful and most up-to-date processor for the farm is also not needed, so models with the cost of up to 2000 hryvnas will suffice completely.