Framework for farm landing
If in a regular home-made PC the case is closed to prevent "filling" from dust, the farm for landing has an open frame for the convenience of cooling the block. In essence, it is a stand of metal corners, adjusted to the size of video cards or other equipment of the property farm. It is not difficult to find such a frame for sale - they are manufactured in standard sizes (600x400x300 mm, 600x400x400 mm, 700x400x400 mm, etc.), which provides the ability to reliably install blocks on each other.

Select a video card
As much as possible, you can connect 6 graphics cards to the motherboard, this indicator should be used, calculating what computing power your farm has for landing. By selecting the necessary model, compare the power ratio and energy consumption - this will save you both when you buy, as in the operation of the landing farm: Even without a calculator, it is evident that at the same price, the 6990 video cards differ significantly from the other cards of the 6900 series in terms of higher power with insignificant difference in energy consumption. Similarly, by analyzing these three indicators, one can find the best option to buy a graphics card for a landing farm. Power supply for installation.
Choosing a power supply unit for a farm is not as simple as it may seem at first glance. For a normal food farm for renting up to six graphics cards, even 1000 watts may not be sufficient. Additional food is required and other equipment for generating coins, that's why you always have to choose a power with a stock of 150-200 Watts. Equally important is the availability of the required number of PCI-E connectors on the farm block so that all video cards can be directly connected to the boot.

Systems of cooling and circulation of air
Given the high heat allocation, farms for mining require additional cooling. This should be taken into account when installing a graphics card, between which should be 8-10 cm space for circulation of air. The easiest option is the use of floor fans and a special room with a hood, especially if you do not have a landing farm. The configuration of other parts of the landing farm will not be complicated: everything like a regular computer. You will need a hard disk, a motherboard with the ability to connect six graphics cards (for example, Biostar H81S2) and a memory slot. The general assemblage of your mining farm involves the installation of all components, the connection of individual components into a single block with the help of plugs and extensions.

Launching Cripple Crushing
Setting up a farm involves installing custom software that can interact with the crypt mining industry. The choice of a program depends not only on the type of cryptography you are interested in, but also on the method of extraction, because it can be: