Buy a farm for landing
If you decide to stop on the finished equipment, then the internet will offer you a lot of options for assembling farms for the production of creep goods. The price range is in the range of 96,000 - 240,000 rubles, depending on the type of construction and power (prices here and below are given as of July 2017). At the same time, the assembly is possible on the individual parameters, which can reduce the price of the finished block for sale.

The power of equipment
The more powerful a block you have, the higher the productivity of the property farm. There are a few simple rules that you need to consider if you like the farm for a landing in the store:

The advantage of a finished farm is that all the work on the selection of the necessary components for the block, for you have already fulfilled - you get a "turnkey" solution, which is only to be included in the socket and start production.
Be sure to include in your estimates the cost of mining bitcoins, and the payment for electricity. Even the most powerful farm on ASIC panels does not consume more than 20 kilowatt hours per day. There are devices with a lot of expense, the exact number on the purchased block will tell you the seller.
It is not necessary to focus only on the parameters of the computing power (hexrayt), and evaluate the system in a comprehensive manner. The high productivity of the block implies an increased price and the high risks that the owner holds for such an investment in the production of cryptographic goods.
The complexity of the blockade network
Given the rapidly increasing complexity of the blockade network, you can give some tips to the beginning user:

Only select advanced equipment. No old special devices, even at a very attractive price - at the current pace of work, the pace of wear will be very high.
Make choices for more functionality. For example, by switching the graphics card you can extract another cryptographic currency (or even find the application map not related to cryptographic outputs), it's not possible for ASIC processors.
Never take a loan to buy equipment, given the high risks of extraction. The situation may change if, today, the generation of cripp money provides a stable income, then tomorrow this money barely enough to pay for electricity.
On what depends the hashreth of the landing farm
One of the basic characteristics that determines the power of your landing farm is the hashtime - the number of calculations made in a second. The higher this indicator, the more productive your farm will be for landing. By mid-2017, 600kH / s is good for video cards, with the latest AMD 7990 models, using two cores at up to 1500 kH / s.

Though the Hashemite Mayser on ASIC processors, far beyond the GPU model, having a performance of 14,000 kH / s, the high cost (from $ 2,500), can extend the payback period of such a block for extraction. In the conditions of a sharp exchange rate crippling and the rapidly increasing complexity of the blockade network, this option is not suitable for all users.

How to assemble a farm for landing
In many cases, the own collection of the block for extraction will be a priority, rather than the purchase of a finished farm-farm. The advantages include:

Lower costs, especially if you already have parts of the parts;
the ability to more flexibly pick up components;
satisfaction from the assembly process.
Among the disadvantages:

time consuming time to find the necessary components and the shortage of individual components (because of the great popularity of cryptomaining, it is difficult to buy powerful graphics cards);
the need for at least minimal knowledge about the equipment, but this lack is easily filled with information on the Internet, where the schemes of assembly and photos of the cryptographic facility are presented;
lack of warranty or service