Another way to get money from the World Wide Web, namely Mining.

Let's find out what it is and how to become a Miner. Mining (from the English Mining) is literally understood as mining, mining in mines. However, we are interested in another definition of you - the process of extracting crypto exchange titled BitCoin (Bit + coin). Bitcoin is an international electronic cash equivalent and was created in 2009. This currency is unique and has a number of features, which you can read in the appropriate section of Wikipedia.

From a technical point of view, the process of extracting this electronic cripto exchange is the calculation of the header cache of the header blocks using the resource capacities of your computer. In particular, you need the resources of your graphics card to earn money. The emission of Bitcoin is limited algorithmically and can not be overcome: all in the world can simultaneously exist a maximum of 21 million blocks of the currency. So, the more people start earning money on the Mining, the harder it is to get Bitcoin for each one.

By itself, the BitCoin unit consists of many parts that can be generated separately, thus constructing some sort of sequential chain of parts of the "correct" cache, eventually obtaining the desired result. Some Moneymaker has already created their own mineing "farms", earning $ 3000 a month, simply by maintaining the working capacity of the iron and the integrity of the system. But we know that starting a business is quite complicated because of the need for initial investments.

In this regard, users of the Internet who want to earn a living on a video card (Mining) are grouped together in a pool - a group within a single system for more efficient extraction of crypto-currency.

As you have already noticed, theoretically, this activity covers the field of engineering and programming, much more complicated than in the case of earnings on polls or clicks and, therefore, not very clear to the average user. It is quite possible that you are not quite interested to read it. Therefore, below, we briefly place exactly what is sufficient for each user to earn in this way:

Earning on the Internet with your video card, instruction:

1) You download the program from the official pool that is engaged in the production of CryptoLanguage Bitcoin.

2) Run the program, register. It is also possible to register on the site pool with the subsequent jump of the program and authorization there.

3) Your computer is working, including a video card. As soon as your iron manages to find the correct part of the code, it is transferred to the system, and you get a part of its value in the form of already real rubles. The program itself carries out the necessary instructions.

1) What the program will do is landing.
2) Bitcoin Mining - is the formation (or issue) of a new type of currency - Cripto-Currency.
3) This kriptovoryu is called bitcoin.

Her (bitokin) is already exchanging rubles, dollars or goods in international systems of exchange of electronic currencies. This type of earnings is something like auto surfing, but here you can not be afraid that hundreds of viruses have stumbled. This is not a fraudulent program. So you can be calm and calmly depart from your computer on your own affairs, and the dane will drown in the daytime and at night. You can earn even when you play, watch a movie or listen to music directly on your computer.

How to earn a maximum for Mining:

1) Several programs can run under one account. That is, if you own or have access to several computers, you can use them all.